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Have you ever caught yourself saying, "I don't have time to rest, I'm too busy!"

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The thing is, it never seems to be done.

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This is the reality for many people who are living stressed out, rushed and unhappy lives in our 24/7, 365 world.
All of us are familiar with the idea of a great work ethic: giving your best to  your work, showing up early with a great attitude, and working hard and long until the job is done. Someone with a great work ethic is praised in our society; they're of great character and even more moral standing. A great work ethic is the foundation of our society and is essential - no question. But a life that is only focused on work robs us of the health, joy, and experiences that can make our lives and even our work more fun, inspiring, peaceful, and purposeful. This is where strong rest ethic comes in. 
Your rest ethic is just as necessary as your work ethic.

Meet Dr. Sean Orr, author of Rest Ethic

Just like day and night, summer and winter, rest balances work. A strong rest ethic is all about securing your own oxygen mask first and taking care of yourself. It ensures that you have ample recovery and renewal time and are creating the best version of yourself. Sound selfish? it's not. A strong rest ethic offers you better health, more time to pursue what you truly value, and a healthier, more balanced relationship with work so you can meet your never-ending list of demands. We can all experience this balance, not by excluding our work ethic, but by introducing our rest ethic.
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